Hape Logic Beads


  • Hape Logic Beads
  • Hape Logic Beads
  • Hape Logic Beads
  • Hape Logic Beads

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Copy the image card bead pattern and then string the beads together!

Learning goals include visual observation, eye-hand coordination, logic and order.
Contents include 72 beads in 3 shapes, 3 different sizes and 4 colours, 6 game cards printed on both sides, and thread.
How to play: Place the beads directly on the game cards. After knotting the thread, bead the strand in the same order. With experience, the beads can be threaded without first being placed on the cards. After beading according to the example, make the thread longer by adding more patterns or duplicating the same pattern. Also, children may create their own designs.

Recommended for ages 4+.

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