Constructive Eating Fork Utensil


  • Constructive Eating Fork Utensil forklift canada ontario
  • Constructive Eating Fork Utensil forklift canada ontario

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Lay out the blueprints of healthy eating and make every meal a construction site of creativity with this fun, award-winning equipment-inspired utensil. With the FORKlift, your little builder will always be excited to clean his or her plate. Designed with function and play value in mind, these pieces feature textured, easy-to-grip handles and are lightweight, yet rugged. Created by a husband-and-wife team whose son loved construction so much that he asked for Cheerios to use for rubble instead of snacks.

  • Recommended for children ages 2 years+.
  • Made in the US. 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • FDA-approved materials, PVC/Phthalate/BPA-free.

Click here for the full set of Constructive Eating Utensils.

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